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RENEN / BELL Moto-10 Limited Edition "CRUX 2" colab features - gloss premium carbon fiber, satin shell detail, dynamic red and white accent elements and white and black gasket trim.

  • Spherical Technology Powered by MIPS - The Moto-10 is the first off-road helmet to offer Spherical Technology powered by MIPS. The proprietary Spherical Technology features a Ball-and-Socket design that helps redirect impact forces away from the brain, allowing the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash. Because of the Spherical Technology channels inside the first-of-its-kind segmented 3K carbon shell, Bell achieves superior sweat management, weight reduction, and ventilation like never before.
  • Thermal Exchange Airflow System - This ventilation is so extreme, Bell named it the Thermal Exchange Airflow System because of how it sucks in cool air like a vacuum and then expels hot air through the side and rear exhaust ports. And as any rider knows, ventilation and sweat management go hand-in-hand. Take it from Cooper Webb: "I can feel the sweat running down my forehead then getting pushed across my brow and away from my googles." 
  • Panoramic Goggle Port - The wider port provides better fitment, optimal sealing, and a massive field of view, increasing the rider's visibility and safety.
  • NMR Bumpers - 2 NMR bumpers on either side of the helmet. These bumpers are made with a softer EPP material that compresses under load but bounces back to its original form, helping to reduce the likelihood of further injury caused from the helmet contacting your body. 
  • Virus CoolJade Liner - This removable, washable liner is made of fabric that has been infused with recycled jade to create a natural cooling effect. The ultra-wicking construction decreases your skin surface temperature up to 10F - keeping you cool, comfortable, and focused.
  • Includes a premium, padded helmet bag and custom RENEN luggage tag
  • Certifications: DOT (US), SNELL 2020 (US)

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